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Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

2020 is coming too close, and we’ve see a lot of change this year. The pandemic and its resultant effects have reached all aspects of people’s lives and has affected the economy in ways that might not fully reveal themselves until next year. This, in turn, has had a huge knock on effect on the digital marketing landscape.

You must be wondering: what are the trends for 2021? What going to happen and where should I focus my attention for my business?

In this article, we will take a look at where the trends of digital marketing in 2021 are headed and what you need to be aware of in order to grab that precious slice of market share.

1- Working Remotely-Rewiring of work

We all know the story of remote working in 2020: it was THE thing that turned us all into pajama-wearing, snack munching, Zoom experts (where is that damn mute button?) Remote work gives people more flexibility, but it also means that people are spending more time online than ever before. They are searching for information and coming back to research for their own businesses and personal needs. Consumers are using more subscription services for entertainment, fitness, and business collaboration than ever before. The opportunities to harness and capture this attnlention is greater than ever. It will be vital that you plan for a 2021 where remote working and online searching continue to be dominant.

2- Increased Digital Ad Spend

Digital Ad spending took a big hit in early 2020, but in many parts of the economy, the rebound happened quickly. A recent study shows that advertising on eCommerce platforms jumped almost 40%; that same study predicts another 30% jump in 2021 and will account for about 13 % of U.S ad spending. It also projects display spending could increase by 10%. Brands need to ensure that people will actually find them across all of their channels, and this should definitely mean more ad spend in 2021. If course, with more ad spend also comes more pressure for SEO in the digital market to perform and execute online.

3- No more 3rd Party Cookies

One of the main developments that looks to take a huge bit out of business in 2021 is the end of third party cookies. Chrome, in fact, states that the third-party cookies will go in 2022, and we know that where Google goes, others often will follow. As chrome and others stop supporting third-party cookies, your ability as a marketer to retarget and track customers will be affected significantly. Start looking at new ways to grab clients attention and be sure to encourage signups for subscriptions or newsletters. This will be the way to get around the disappearing cookie.

4- Social Media Marketing

We have seen in 2020 during the pandemic how important it is for businesses to be found online. To establish trust with the customer, social media marketing is more important for businesses than ever before. Why? Social media is all about trust! People trust brands they can find, brands that engage, brands that educate and tell a story, and brands that encourage customers to live out their hopes and dreams. There are so many new businesses coming online that you will need to target customers effectively through social media and identify what types of content they are actually engaging with.

5- Core Web Vitals

Finally, Google has made changes to Core Web Vitals and it will be a huge deal in 2021. You want to pay close attention this; it will look at how fast pages load for the device you are using- your phone, tablet, or desktop, but it will go much deeper into analyzing a wide range of factors in the user experience. The key will be to fix all the problems that you have on your website to make sure it’s customer and content ready.


In a nutshell, the trends will be focused on UX and ensuring content is avalanche, meeting demand, and fast. The shape of things to come for 2021 will depend on how you view your client: are they silly a consumer of information, or are they someone you care about and nurture through your user experience.

For all the changes coming in 2021, I hope it’s the latter.

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