Tuzo Strategies

Digital Marketing That Gets You Noticed

Tuzo Strategies is a digital and content marketing company based in Victoria, British Columbia. We know how competitive today’s digital media landscape is; it can be hard to know how to tell your story. We combine the very best of energy, experience and data-driven focus to get you strategically placed to break through the noise and get you noticed.

What Makes Us The Right Fit For You?

We Live Digital Marketing

We eat, sleep, and dream digital marketing. We’re committed to turning our passion into results for you.

Content is King

With over 10 years of experience in the political and non-profit sector, we know how to craft engaging content that converts.

Driving Lead Generation

We are in constant campaign mode; always evaluating and re-evaluating data trends to increase customer performance

Always Evolving

Just like digital marketing, we are constantly evolving to adapt to new and changing market scenarios.

Tuzo Services

Social Media Marketing

If you’re not leveraging social media to build your audience, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of potential business. From brand development and reputation management, to content curation and crisis communications, you need a social media strategy to help you break through the noise. Why wait? Get a quote today and let Tuzo Strategies help you build your brand online.

Content Marketing

We said above that “content is king,” and that’s absolutely true. That being said, not all content is equal, and if you don’t know how to promote your content through compelling copy or top notch SEO/SEM, you’re likely speaking into the void. Let Tuzo work with you to develop a content marketing strategy that will yield increased impressions, leads, and conversions for your business.


Copy takes time, energy, research, and testing. Many small and medium sized business, especially entrepreneurs, don’t have time to test and analyze their copy to see if it’s meeting their needs. That’s where Tuzo Strategies comes in? With over 10 years of experience in political and non-profit communications, we know how to write copy that grabs attention and converts readers into customers.

Blog Marketing

What if I told you that writing as few as 900 words a day could increase your leads by 67%? “That’s crazy” you say. Ah, not so fast. The fact is that companies that include a blog on their website increase their lead generation by as much as 67%. Let’s help you realize the possibilities of getting solid copy on you site so we can drive some awesome lead generation.

Blog Posts

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About Tuzo

Tuzo Strategies started with an idea: let’s bring the tactics and strategies from the political and non-profit world to the small and medium sized business community.
Since starting in January 2020, we’ve developed campaigns and content marketing strategies for the tourism industry, local government, real-estate and community service organizations.
We’re just getting started!
We’re a plucky little business aimed at getting you the attention you need to reach your market, tell your story, and make your brand shine.